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- Million Brazilians 'La Conchiglia' digital EP (Krut / Kraak Records) 

w/ Million Brazilians 'As Night Falls In.....' (Post-Materialization Music)

w/ Million Brazilians 'Red Rose & Obsidian' (U.S. reissue) 

w/ Million Brazilians 'New Ideas In Psychic Music' volume 3 

Fall 2022:

- 'Blazing Worlds' w/ Expo 70 

- Never Use The Same Door Twice' cassette / digital (10th Anniversary reissue

- w/ Fake Hospital Group Operators 'Never Use the Same Door Twice' {live} 



'HECATE'S SWAYING GARDENÂ' track for Sähkö Recordings

compilation LP w/  Pekka Airaksinen, DDA, Clair, Osmo Lindeman, Matti Bergström, and Konstruktivits

Timelash - 'Feral Lands & Forbidden Cities'  LP (Aguirre)

Universe B  - 'Web of Midnight' 

w/ Lavender Flu & Million Brazilians LP (Psychic Sounds / Meds) 

Universe B - 'Bees Of Mercury' ​

w/ Village of Spaces & Million Brazilians 



w/ Mummy Dust Trippers 'Song of Cactus House' reissue cassette / digital on Mascarpone Discos 

w/  Million Brazilians feat. Adele H 'Conchiglia' digital EP (Krut / Kraak Records) 

w/ Million Brazilians 'Cry In An Unknown Tongue' x2 cassette (Lost Discoveries) 

w/ Timelash 'A Morphology of Wonders' x2 lp (Aguirre Records)  


w/ Million Brazilians ''Eikasía  Pulse' - track on digital compilation (Lullabies For Insomniacs)

w/ Million Brazilians 'Mystic Musk pt.1' - Track on compilation x2 cd (KFJC) 

w/ Timelash 'Amrita Hive Forager' - Track on Exotic Ésotérique compilation

x2 cassette / digital  (Artetetra)

Timelash s/t cassette / digital (Hare Akedod)

Timelash 'Remembering Laurasia' track on Delta ~ Wave compilation


w/ Million Brazilians 'Urban Fossickated Octave' lp (Feeding Tube)

w/ Million Brazilians 'Strange Oasis' cd / digital (Nonlocal Research)


Psychic Sounds Ensemble 'Sonic Fermentations' lp (Psychic Sounds) 


Mummy Dust Trippers 'Perfect Prey' lp (Psychic Sounds)

Mummy Dust Trippers 'Song of Cactus House' cd (Lost Discoveries)


The Orchardist 'Mercury Vineyard Surgeries' cassette / digital (Nonlocal Research)


w/ Million Brazilians 'Geodelphic Jazz Nocturnes' x2 cd (Lost Discoveries)

w/ Million Brazilians 'Red Rose & Obsidian' (Lullabies for Insomniacs)  

'Sunwalkers' track for Adele H. 'Civilization' digital / lp (Obsolete Recordings) 

Panics in Mayfair cassette (Lost Discoveries)


w/ Spencer Clark as Typhonian Highlife: World of Shells lp (Kraak)

Weird Woman: Blaztech cassette (Nightside Media) 

Magic Mirror lp (Psychic Sounds)

w/ Million Brazilians: Slip Enchantments cassette (Lost Discoveries)

Coastal Vudutronic Voyage cassette / digital (Moon Glyph)

w/ Million Brazilians: Poderoso Monicato lp (Psychic Sounds)

Beguiling Isles: Tales from the Vision Pit cassette (Lost Discoveries)

Black or White Orpheus: Place of the Hidden Sun cassette (Lost Discoveries)

Black or White Orpheus: Votive Transmutation Shrine cassette (Lost Discoveries / Psyop)

Experimental India Radio: Puja Samagri Pipers cassette (Lost Discoveries)

w/ Million Brazilians & Thollem McDonas: Volcanic Gremlin Magnet cassette (Psychic Sounds)

Experimental India Radio: Swara Exchanges cassette (Lost Discoveries)

Cave Evil - track on cassette / strategic board game soundtrack compilation (Rotten Shape)

w/ Million Brazilians: Wet Dry Jungala lp (Moon Glyph)

Effigy Mounds lp (Psychic Sounds)

Beguiling Isles: Westward Star cassette (Lost Discoveries)

Gili Gili Men cassette (Lighten Up Sounds)

w/ Million Brazilians 'Dyngia Nomad' - Track on Compilation (Moon Glyph)

Beguiling Isles: Born of Earth's Torments lp (Psychic Sounds)

w/ Million Brazilians: Dyngia Salon cassette (Friends & Relatives Records)

w/ Million Brazilians: New Ideas in Psychic Music: Sexual Desert cassette / cd (Sonic Meditations)

Never Use the Same Door Twice lp, audio books-on-tape & book (Psychic Sounds)

w/ Million Brazilians: Damiana Drems split cassette (Teen Action Records)

w/ Million Brazilians: Cult Music of Ajitz lp (Psychic Sounds)

w/ Million Brazilians: Hideous Visions lp (Psychic Sounds)

w/ Million Brazilians: New Ideas in Psychic Music cassette (Klorofyll Kassetter)

w/ Million Brazilians: Papa Candelo cassette (From the Wheelchair to the Pulpit)