Grant Corum is a visual & recording artist.  He is best known for his releases, designs, and screen prints for music labels such as Sublime Frequencies, Mississippi Records, Sahel Sounds, Feeding Tube, Aguirre, Psychic Sounds, Lullabies for Insomniacs, Pacific City Sound Visions, and Time-Lag among others.  Since 1990, he has created & collaborated on many audio artifacts, installations, performances & exhibits throughout the United States, Guatemala, Japan and Europe.  DJ broadcasts include  WFMU, X-RAY FM, Dublab and Radio Raheem.  He currently resides and works in mid-coast Maine.
"Corum brings a psychedelic atmosphere, one not culled from a traditional sense, but of a deeply innate ability to transform a space sonically creating a more spiritual, or visceral affair."
He is a member of the group Million Brazilians , runs the record label Psychic Sounds, and hosts Lost Discoveries Radio.
Soma Daze festival live photo 2016  by AC Villa 

"Occult magick, sequential art, books on tape, and cut-up literature— Never Use the Same Door Twice, the mixed-media experiment of Grant Corum, is at the intersection of all these and more. Evoking images of ancient ceremony, spectral phenomena, and early dungeon-crawling RPGs, Book I {Never Use the Same Door Twice} was designed as a "reality hacking" operation in which Corum attempts "to forge spirits within experimental arts and performance." Essentially a story told through music, projection, and narrated dream states, Corum bewitches the senses and guides the listener through an adventure unlike any other." - Chris Cantino, The Portland Mercury 


"Corum constructs a mind-melting psychopharmacological vision wherein rhythms and melodies ooze into and out of focus." - Robert Ham, The Willamette Weekly

“That long, low, leisurely, murkily rhythmic tone poem quality of that piece is conducive to the conjuring up waking dreams of of all sorts of nocturnal occurrences; good food for the restless spiritual imagination….The comic {Never Use the Same Door Twice} is dense and interesting and full of ideas... Intensely opaque poetry like this can't be appreciated in one or a few encounters, and I haven't got a grip on it yet. Max Ernst's collages have permanently wired me to see oblique captioned images in a certain way and with a certain taste for certain discontinuities, but there is magic in strange affect at the very least. I'm glad to have this.”  - Jim Woodring, creator of Frank (Fantagraphics)


"CORUM played a zoner psychesoteria set blurring minds with a incense stick the size of a tree.. for some reason i'm not much into the smell, the sounds were good though!" -Dennis Tyfus, Ultra Eczema news

"Behind these exotic and strange tropical sounds, immersed in a thousand blurry images, there is something honest, something real that has all the beauty of the world, hidden in any island, in one morning."  -Ana, Microphones in the Trees (translated)